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Tandem Dog Training


All training programs can be modified and customized to fit your dog's needs. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information. Any type of specialty trainings (service work, therapy, etc.) require a consultation prior to purchase.

Advanced Obedience- $1200
12 sessions, 14 commands, 3 tricks, 4 courses

This package comes with all of the 'standard' commands, six of the 'custom' commands, three of the trick commands, and all of the courses. These are split into 12 sessions.


Intermediate Obedience- $800

8 sessions, 9 commands, 2 tricks, 3 courses

This package comes with nine commands, two tricks, and three courses. These are split into eight sessions.


Basic Obedience- $500

5 sessions, 6 commands, 1 tricks, 2 courses

This package comes with six commands, one trick, and two courses. These are split into five sessions.




Standard:                        Custom:                            Trick:                     Courses:

Sit                                           Stand                                      Paw                           Canine Behavior

Focus                                     Come/Recall                         Orbit                         Handling/Desensitize

Down                                     Heel                                         Spin                          Canine Enrichment

Stay                                       Greeting Strangers              Sit Pretty                 Training Tool Intro

Place/Bed                            Drop It                                     Say Prayers

Loose Leash Walking       Crate Training                       Bow

Leave it                                Grooming                               Back Up

Release                                 Supervised Separation      Wave


*All commands are taught with the opportunity and tools for growth (EX: basic sit vs sit with

disctractions and distance).




AKC CGC, CGCA, CGCU, and trick evaluations


AKC Prep!
This course covers all ten of the sections on the AKC CGC test, as well as three practice tests and the final test. This prep course can be used for the Star Puppy, CGC, CGCA, or the CGCU (please note that if for the CGCA or CGCU, the owner must show proof that the CGC has already been completed). The course is approximately 4-5 sessions. Multiple dogs can be added for an additional fee. To learn more about the ACK CGC, please click here.



Training Programs

Other Trainings We Offer!

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Service Dog Training

  • Task Training
  • Public Access
  • Advanced Obedience


Therapy Dog Training

  • Therapy Behavior
  • Public Access
  • Advanced Obedience


Canine Behavior Course


Canine Handling Course


Trick Training


Handling/Desensitizing Course


Canine Enrichment Course


Training Tool Intro Course


E Collar Training Package


Reactivity Training


Aggressive Rehabilitation