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Tandem Dog Training

Melissa Hayden, CCPDT-KA


I promise to always act in the best interest of both handler and dog.

I promise to be up-right and truthful, and never hold back.

I promise to provide guidance to the best of my ability.

I promise to use my skills and knowledge in every way possible to support handler and dog.

I promise to be there, in every way possible, from start to finish, with every team.

This program started out as a dream- literally, a fantasy that I had no idea would actually come true. Now, we specialize in several different training types with multiple accredidations. 


I tell all of my clients that training is not just a business, or source of income for me, it is my passion. I work a full time office job, on top of having two other jobs, then I have TDT- four jobs in total. I do not train because I have to, I train because I love it, and because I want to help save the lives of dogs and their handlers. Training truly does save lives. It is the best feeling in the world seeing my clients, human and dog, work in tandem.


The exert below is the trainer oath that is in all of my contracts, and I include this because it really encompasses the passion and heart that I put into all of my clients.

Our mission at Tandem Dog Training is to save lives by providing affordable yet reliable training that will last for a lifetime.


Tandem Dog Training